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Chinese courts have made greater efforts and spent more resources on enforcing their orders more efficiently in a large-scale campaign in the past three years. [Photo/VCG]

BEIJING - A nationwide database for judgment enforcement, which started operation in 2014, has helped enforce court orders more quickly and protected citizens" interests, according to the Supreme People"s Court (SPC).

The database has helped freeze 413.6 billion yuan ($60.9 billion) for about 60.38 million enforcement cases and provided 9.84 million searches for additional assets, such as cars or houses, by the end of 2018, said an SPC statement published on its website earlier this week.

The database is connected to more than 3,900 banks and 16 other agencies to monitor the properties of those subject to enforcement of court orders, including deposits in bank accounts and online accounts, real estate, vehicles and stocks.

Chinese courts have made greater efforts and spent more resources on enforcing their orders more efficiently in a large-scale campaign in the past three years.

From 2016 to 2018, the courts took on around 20.42 million cases that requested intervention in enforcing court orders, 94.96 percent of which were closed, implicating funds of about 4.4 trillion yuan, the statement said.

About 56.97 percent of court judgments were enforced without further intervention from the courts in 2017, up from 44.76 percent in 2015, showing the deterrence the campaign has made, it said.

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