Man looks after paralyzed wife for 28latex bracelets years, records her medical history

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An 81-year-old man from Suining county of Shaoyang, Hunan province, has been taking care of his paralyzed wife for 28 years and has filled 10 notebooks to record her medical history and nursing details.

Deng Yundao met Luo Xianghua, who is two years younger than him, in 1957. The two married a year later and had two sons and three daughters.

Luo suffered a brain hemorrhage in May 1989. After two months in hospital, Luo survived but became paralyzed.

Since then, Deng learned cooking, haircutting, massage and other details in order to better take care of his wife. In 1996, Luo started to walk with help.

In July 2006, she again suffered brain hemorrhage, but she began walking thanks to treatment and Deng"s care.

Luo lost her walking and language abilities after she fell in July 2008. In order not to bother their children, Deng took care of his wife by himself.

Deng started to record health knowledge he read from books, magazines and newspaper. He has used 10 notebooks, or about 1,000 pages, and written 500,000 words.

"From July 1st to 31st, blood pressure was in normal range without medicines. After eating ginseng and medlar for 10 days and stopping for a week according to the therapy, the blood pressure is normal," Deng wrote in July this year in the notebook.

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